A monument to Gilded Age taste…

The majestic Queen Anne-style Tuttle House, situated at the head of Church Street, welcomes visitors and residents to downtown Naugatuck. Built for Bronson and Mary Ann Tuttle in 1881, the Robert Wakeman-Hill designed home was donated to the town upon Mary Ann’s death in 1928 with the stipulation that it be used for educational purposes.

The house began its public life as The Tuttle School and then became the offices for the Naugatuck Board of Education. After overcoming the effects of a fire and the related water damage we are excited to be planning the house’s next life as the Naugatuck History Museum at the Tuttle House..

The Tuttle Family

Our new museum home would not have been possible without the generosity of the Tuttle family, and Naugatuck would surely not be same town without them. The Naugatuck History Museum at the Tuttle House strives to honor both the beautiful home and the family who have given so much to the community. The Tuttle family’s story of boot strap ingenuity and success continues to inspire those in the Naugatuck community today.

Bronson Beecher Tuttle (1835-1903)

born the son of Prospect farmers and tool makers. He marries Mary Ann Wilcox Tuttle in 1859, and Bronson makes his fortune in the malleable iron business, building a major American manufacturing empire. In 1881, the couple builds their home on Church Street, which they share with their son Howard Beecher Tuttle.

Mary Ann Wilcox Tuttle (1835-1928)

The daughter of a country blacksmith from Litchfield County. She becomes a schoolteacher. After she marries Bronson Beecher Tuttle in 1859, Mary Ann and Bronson have one son, Howard Beecher Tuttle, and the family, by all accounts, cherishes their time together. As the matriarch of a prominent family in the Naugatuck community, Mary Ann devotes years to philanthropy, and she always generously welcomes friends and family into her Church Street home.

Howard Beecher Tuttle (1863–1933)

Son of Bronson and Mary Ann. A mechanical engineer. Marries Jeannette Seymour. Parents of Donald S. Tuttle, born in the Church Street house, and Ruby and Muriel, born in the old Beecher Inn. Howard spends his career in the family malleable iron company. He twice serves as warden (mayor) of Naugatuck (five terms) and is elected State Senator in 1917.